Guinness PRO14 Fantasy Rugby 18-19
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Guinness PRO14 Fantasy Rugby

Welcome to Guinness PRO14 Fantasy Rugby. The game for talent-spotters and arm-chair pundits, bar-stool rugby bores and those of you who just fancy creating a dream team of international super stars.

Playing is easy. Your team now only has to feature eight players – 3 forwards and 5 backs – plus a team defence. As always, your players earn you points with their on-field performances in the Guinness PRO14. Each week, you can fight for prizes and unlock awards for your virtual trophy room, your own personalised space that by the end of the season could be dripping with silverware and smugness in equal measure. Join at any time during the season. Here’s how to play...

  1. Select your team. Remember, this is about winning, not about who you want to invite round for a barbeque.

  2. Invite your mates to a league. Your witty league name is good, but it wasn’t worth the half a day thinking about it.

  3. Watch the Guinness PRO14 games or follow them on our app. Yes, you’re now cheering for a team you don’t like. You need to get over it.

  4. Check your score. Are you winning? That’s confirmation that you know more about rugby than your mates and they need to know it.

  5. Go again. Start thinking about team selection. Remember to feed the cat this week.


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